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We seek to entertain and enlighten parents, teachers, and all who care about education. Hopefully we will inform and engage you, and even have a laugh or two.

New Episodes Coming January 2019!

Nov 21, 2018

We have not disappeared! In our quest to improve and really take a hard look at education topics, we are revamping our podcast focus.

Our new episodes will be a series approach, where instead of a one-off (each episode it's own separate content), we are going to do an Overarching Theme approach, and have several...

Mar 23, 2018

Sexual harassment and gender bullying is in the public eye these days, particularly in politics and Hollywood. But it is prevalent in schools as well. 

In this episode we focus on sexual harassment, hearing a real student-on-student experience from a student, Ava, and her mother, Mia and how things were addressed...

Feb 14, 2018

Students with disabilities, under  the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (2004), have the right to a free and appropriate public education, which means they are ensured they will get the needed related services and special education accommodations.  But who are these students and what are...

Jan 18, 2018

We are back from our extended holiday break with a special episode. One of our hosts, Tim, as part of his work with Teachers2Teachers Global, traveled to Kenya this past summer to work with teachers and students and share educational and cultural experiences. Our guest this episode, Mary Mooney, a colleague and friend...